How Do I....?

How Do I.... Register with the surgery?

We welcome registrations with the practice from patient living within our practice area. Please see the 'New Patients' section of the website.


How Do I.... Make an appointment?

The procedure for making appointments is given on our 'Appointments' page. You can find details of various appointment types available.


How Do I.... Cancel an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment by telephoning Reception or online (you must be registered for Online Services in order to do this). Please do this as soon as you know you are unable to attend an appointment, we can re-use an appointment even at short notice.


How do I....  Check-In for my appointment on arrival at the surgery?

Please use the automatic check-in screen in the lobby as you enter the surgery, alternatively report to the Receptionist on the front desk.


How Do I.... Order Repeat Prescriptions?

There are various ways to order repeat medication, please see the 'Prescriptions' section of the website. Please note we DO NOT accept prescription requests over the telephone and repeat prescriptions take 3 working days to process.


How Do I.... Change my address or telephone numbers?

Please complete a Change of Address Form, available from Reception.


How Do I.... Change my name?

If your name has changed due to marriage we will require a copy of the Marriage Certificate. For all other legal name changes we will require a copy of the legal documentation supporting this.


How Do I....  Register a new baby?

As soon as you have the babies birth certificate please bring it to surgery so we can photocopy it and formally register the baby (preferable before the babies six week check)


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